Libby and Marcel in Singapore

Hey there! We're Libby and Marcel! Maybe you know us from our free sounds website freetousesounds.com. If not, let's bring you up to speed! As two world traveling field recordists we have a real devotion to sound.

Enough so, that when we looked for cool audio related tees to wear we were a little underwhelmed.

It turns out that we're not alone.

After designing and wearing some cheeky audio focused clothes of our own, we started getting positive responses from friends and strangers. Their zeal propelled us to give our creations as gifts and eventually people started asking to purchase them!

That's when WavKind was born.

The name WavKind draws inspiration from the highest quality uncompressed audio format 'Wav.' As for 'Kind' it refers to the ethics of our the manufacturing process to treating others with dignity. We can all agree that the world is in need of more kindness right?

Each article within our shop is driven by purpose, creativity, and quality!

Each one of our pieces is designed to be gifted and worn by both men and women! Drawing from pop culture, knowledge of the audio industry, and current trends, WavKind is an original shop for the "not so average wearer!" Our quality clothes are manufactured in the USA of excellent material in a sweatshop-free environment!

Starting WavKind has brought immense joy to our lives and we hope it can bring a smile to you and the ones around you! Happy browsing!