100% Audiophile T-shirt in Black
100% Audiophile T-shirt in Black with Dog
100% Audiophile T-shirt in Black Heather
100% Audiophile T-shirt in Black
100% Audiophile T-shirt in Heather Forest
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100% Audiophile T-Shirt in Black, Black Heather & Forest Heather - Free Shipping

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Some might call you a snob for your insane audio set up or that the word lossy makes your eyes roll. Sure you're obsessed with the acoustics of your home and/or studio and you research every detail about your hi-fi set up.

Hey we aren't giving you any FLAC for your choices. In fact, we say embrace your inner ear and love for sound by showing that you're 100% Audiophile. Carefully dust off your mono valve power amps, ring up your pal Neil Young, and throw on a Brian Eno vinyl.

Our 100% Audiophile t-shirt is perfect for all you hardcore hi-fi junkies. We know you care about aesthetics as much as sound and that's why we design this minimal tee for you.

This t-shirt is comfortable with high-quality cotton and a nice cut. We recommend sizing up if you prefer a looser fit.

This shirt features:
- free shipping
- a minimal 100% Audiophile design
- unisex apparel for anyone to wear!
- made of high quality 100% combed ring-spun cotton

Choose from:
- black (100% cotton)
- black heather (cotton & poly blend)
- heather forest (cotton & poly blend)

Available sizes:
XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, & 3XL
This t-shirt can run a little small for some. We suggest getting a size larger if you like a looser fit!